Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Bellevue Shuttle

We are taking a new step in an attempt to drum up Bellevue business for our tours. Starting Friday, May 15, our OC tour guide will be the designated Bellevue Shuttle driver from 8:30 to 9:15 AM. While they will also pickup our regular guests from Bellevue they will stop at ten (10) other hotels to determine if anyone would want a free shuttle ride into Seattle. Drop off will be in downtown - Sheraton, Convention Center or Grand Hyatt.

The tradeoff is this: we will not be returning people to Bellevue on any of our tours. EVERYONE needs to be well versed with the 550's schedule.

The OC-Bellevue Shuttle driver will be fully stocked with maps showing the transit center, and the 550's schedule. A very important part of their job is to MARKET, MARKET and MARKET our tours to those who take advantage of this shuttle. Any gratuities belong to this driver.

Westin 8:30 Red Lion 8:55
Hyatt 8:35 Hilton 9:00
Silver Cloud 8:40 Bellevue Club 9:05
Courtyard 8:45 Extended Stay 9:10
Sheraton 8:50 Coast BELL 9:15

This will presumably be the responsibility for the OC morning driver, thus making this a mandatory shift, with a SPOT time of 7:45 AM. But everyone should be prepared to help out with this if the need arises.