Thursday, September 30, 2010

MOHAI Minute on Smith Tower

Press Release

Sweet Adelines Convention Warm Up to Harmonize at Seattle Sights

In this day and age of Glee-mania and flash mobs, an Everett Sweet Adelines chorus and a Seattle tour company are hitting the streets of Seattle on Sunday, October 3rd as a warm-up to the Sweet Adelines International Convention from October 19th-23rd.

This musical-tour mashup will tour the City for three hours and simply break out in song when the mood strikes.

During the convention in October, every tour offered by Tours Northwest will be discounted if anyone, or hopefully everyone, on the bus sings a song at a public place selected by the tour guide. Pioneer Square, the Fremont Troll, Kerry Park and the Ballard Locks are likely venues. Keep your ears alert!

Tours Northwest is calling the convention week “Sweet Week”. Every city tour will stop at Theo’s Chocolate; every City tour is subject to the Discount for a Song theme. All tours are open to the public, but you may simply serendipitously bump into the melodious visitors throughout Seattle.

Voices Northwest is an Everett-based Sweet Adelines chorus and will not be competing during convention week because they are part of the Convention Center/Key Arena volunteer organization. They will, however, have an opportunity this Sunday that the later tour groups won’t: they can sing at every stop on the city tour.

During Sweet Week, Tours Northwest will be offering their popular Seattle City tour, Boeing Assembly Plant tour, and Mt. Rainier tour. The international singers will also have the benefit of several custom tours to see more of the Northwest.

The Sea to Sky tour will go north and visit La Conner, the bakeries of Edison, Taylor Oyster Farms, Mt Erie and Deception Pass.

The Tacoma tour will visit the City of Destiny and go not only to the Glass Museum, but will sightsee further: Old Town, Stadium High School, the gorgeous homes of the north-end, Point Defiance and the double suspension bridge (with video of Galloping Gertie).

One Winery tour will head east to Woodinville and the Eastside; another will visit Seattle wine tasting rooms and a few of the burgeoning number of breweries in the area.

Watch for this glee-filled collaboration this Sunday. In October, join in the fun, nail the scenic high notes and extend your Northwest range.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Northwest of the Northwest

Have you been to any of the three bakeries in Edison, WA? Shopped at Rhody Too in Bow. Slurped your lunch at Taylor Oyster Farms? Gotten dizzy looking over the bridge at Deception Pass or off the peak of Mt. Erie? Wandered in La Conner?

Get ready for our Sea to Sky tour, offered during SWEET WEEK.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid-October bump: Sweet Adelines Convention

While our tours reduce after October 10, we expect a HUGE week of Oct. 19th. The Sweet Adelines International Convention will be in town with possibly 10,000 attendees. THIS IS OUR DEMOGRAPHIC (compare and contrast with ComiCom). Be prepared. I'll be modifying the blog calendar just for this event! There will be LOTS of tours available.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Nose on our Face

Do you point out and gush about Toulouse Petit as you drive by, on the corner of Mercer and Queen Anne? We go by it on every tour; it sits there as obvious as the nose on our face, but many of us fail to point it out. Have you been there yet? Guide Lance Miller has sent over 25 people there, and raves about the food. It has a stellar reputation, and a very, Very, VERY large creative menu!

Its brunches are especially notable, and reasonably priced: they have a brunch Happy Hour!

On Monday night it will make an appearance on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Visit soon so you can tell your guests all about it!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Huskers in Town!

Remember the LSU visit last September? We had record numbers on our tours. Expect the same at the end of this week, and on Sunday because the Nebraska Cornhuskers (and many fans) are visiting to play the Huskies. Look at the schedule and sign up for tours on Thu, Fri and Sun. if you aren't already on. (Sat. isn't expected to be huge due to the early afternoon game.)

FYI, we are actually taking out an ad in the Omaha newspaper Tues. and Weds.

Remind us to get the Locker jersey(s) out there. Volunteer, suggest, grab it and show it off. The concierge are responding very positively (might the last victory have something to do with this?) Have fun with it. Be courteous and kind with Nebraska fans, BUT remind them who has the home field advantage! Take great pride in being a Husky fan, and an "ambassador" for the Pacific Northwest.