Saturday, July 31, 2010

2. Barry Barr - Locker jersey recipient 7/31/10

Barry Barr for his flexibility. Barry is one of several guides to always have season tickets for the Huskies football games and he will wear the Jake Locker jersey proudly. (He passed out Jake Locker handouts after we announced this program.) Barry does what needs to be done despite what he is scheduled for. Set for a City tour, he fluidly switches gears and dons his Boeing tour hat if the numbers require a second coach. Come in early, come in later, Barry provides a willing attitude and experience of many years (9+) as a Seattle Tours/Tours Northwest guide.

Jake Locker is known for his flexibility. Run, pass or all of the above. Tours Northwest took many visiting LSU fans on tours last year, and on the Sunday they expressed their awe and appreciation of the multiple skills of our magnificent quarterback.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Washington Wine Country

Are you ready to guide a wine tour soon?

The Tours Northwest Locker jersey program

Like Erastus Brainerd 103 years ago, we are promoters for all things Seattle and the Northwest! We crow about independent small coffee shops along with Starbucks; we point out Fran's and Theo as well as the hidden gem of Rosie's Chocolates in the Market. We love the new and small (Bad Monkey Bistro) as well as the experienced and fabled (Tom Douglas). We are hot on the leading edge of what is happening in South Lake Union (aka Allentown?) where Amazon is about to bring 10,000 employees/customers to the businesses in the area (the new Pearl District?).

And we will be touting the amazing story of Jake Locker, the UW Quarterback, as it unfolds this year. Jake is an underdog's underdog for the Heisman trophy. We will allude to him whenever we can on our tours to those people from across the country so they too will recognize his name, and pay attention to his exploits.

Each day a guide will be awarded the Locker jersey - No. 10 - to wear during his or her tours. It will be awarded for qualities that Jake undoubtedly has in spades as a Pac 10 quarterback and local boy made good: teamwork, flexibility, calmness under pressure, etc. WWJD?

Above is a picture of our Guide Gathering (at Bad Monkey Bistro) on July 29th. Dan Malmanger, the owner of Tours Northwest, is donning the purple jersey for this picture, but starting today there will be a new wearer each day. Stay tuned!

1. Bryan Dutt - Locker jersey recipient 7/30/10

Bryan Dutt for his teamwork. Two weeks ago after running a long, full Boeing tour in the AM Bryan stepped up to help his fellow Mt. Rainier guide who had mechanical problems ... at Box Canyon, the furthest point away from the shop. He drove around the Mountain to rescue the guests who greeted him, and thanked him later, with applause. Bryan himself runs two to three Mt. Rainier tours for us each week.

Jake Locker is the consumate team player. Consider his decision to play another year with the University of Washington despite the probability that he would have gone very high in the NFL draft.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

We cheer you on in your off hours as well!

Here's a great shot today (Sat., 1:30 PM) from Loren Young at Lake Quinault. Nice to have this week of gorgeous weather, huh?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunny Weather? Umbrellas?? The reason:

Bryan captures a guest using our umbrella under a waterfall on the Stevens Canyon road at Mt. Rainier National park. Remember: even when its raining in Seattle, we go ALL THE WAY AROUND THE MOUNTAIN WHICH MAKES ITS OWN WEATHER. It can be sunny on the south east side of the park!