Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Day in Paradise!

The weather in Jan. and Feb. has been outstanding. It has been fun running tours (guests are very happy, appreciative and even surprised), and I'm sure the weather has played a big part in our great numbers in these early weeks of 2010.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It is ALWAYS Sunny and Warm in the Northwest!

When people work their way to and through our web side, we want to nudge them to give us a call. Hopefully, they want to book a tour, but we are convinced that if they just call to ask a question about Seattle and the Northwest, we can lure them in with our friendly attitudes. To help in that endeavor, our phone staff posed for pictures and the result is a very colorful and alluring (and accurate) invitation to give us a call.

Those sunny dispositions and warm personalities are displayed here via the telephone staff - the first contact guests have with our company - but this accurately suggests that these attributes run throughout the company, particularly, of course, the Driver/Guides who will spend the most time with the guests.

Be sure they do!

Modeling Ambassadorship

Dan is active in many business and community organizations. One that does a marvelous job of promoting businesses in the south end is Seattle Southside. At a recent luncheon, Dan was unveiled as one of four "ambassadors" for the Tourism Matters campaign. He both spoke of the importance of tourism to our economy, but also became a literal poster boy (one of four people selected) of South King County tourism! You do us all proud, Dan.