Friday, March 20, 2009

SAM's First Youtube video

On Twitter, I saw that Seattle Art Museum posted their first youtube video to preview an upcoming show. Gosh! Could Tours Northwest be far behind??

By the way, Tours Northwest just gathered up our 100th follower on Twitter. Our followers include the Fairmont Hotel, Starbucks, Theo Chocolate, Trophy Cupcakes, and even local news people. Check it out: toursnorthwest at

With this tool we can announce that we are, for example: 1. coming to Bellevue for pickups 2. sending another coach to SeaTac 3. have the capability for small groups to go on a hiking trip together 4. are supportive of other local businesses on Twitter, etc. etc.

Ivar's Clams JUST started following our twitters and we exchanged puns (good for both businesses). One exchange results in more action, including a lecture by my daughter, who is in New York, but loyally following Tours Northwest twitters.

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