Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wine Tasting!

We are in the process of investigating a wine tasting tour for the new year. As we did with the Famous Tour earlier this year, I have set up a few Meetup groups to test out the concept with us (one of the participants on Thu. had gone with Bryan on his inaugral Famous Tour.) You are more than welcome to come along to 1. have fun 2. put your toe in the water with this potential new tour. 3. And visit a distillery!

Visit and take a look; Bryan will be running this one on Sunday, Nov. 29th.

Nicole, Bryan and I went to Woodenville this past Thu. night for their Third Thu. Wine Walk. See pictures for that Meetup at the Whim Tour site.

Remember the Boeing-Winery tours we had four years ago? We'll be going back to Columbia Winery this Sunday! It remains a gorgeous place.

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