Sunday, January 4, 2009

The start of Something Good

Goodbye snow, hello rain... If you are wondering why we didn't chain up to run tours those last weeks in December, simply go to Google and punch in "tour bus over I-5". It happened on Dec 19th. While it is easy to stand by and ask "What were they thinking?" in regard to the drivers of those buses, you might ask yourself what you would've done in a situation where your dispatcher routed you into a situation where you had a closed and steep hill to your left, a narrow street ahead of you, and a steep hill to your right. A reminder to all drivers...if you haven't taken the SPS series of safety videos you will need to take them before the start of the season on May. Stop by the shop any day and we will set you up. Total time to take the videos is about 3 hours. Additionally, we still need help if any of you hearty souls feel like getting some hours in detailing coaches. Kudos to Bryan Dutt for getting out the elbow grease! LF

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