Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Themes for February

There are three areas that I'd like everyone to work on during the month of February.
  1. Post Tour Perfection
  2. Dress
  3. Tour Improvement
Post Tour, please complete your DVIR, gas up the coach, and clean the coach. This last point is often at issue the following day. Go over these things: walk through the coach and clean up ANY trash; clean the windows; sweep the floor. We do have a dress code, and are always considering a company "uniform". Look at yourself and you be the judge: are you dressed too casually? Try something totally different some days: wear a tie; wear a nice hat (beret, not baseball/feed). Tuck in that shirt! Liz and I will be making comments this month! How can you improve your tour? Read up on an area that you are a bit weak in. Get some statistics and WOW the folks. Make an extra effort to reach out to those people in the back corner who seem a bit off-putting. And let us know what works really well; maybe YOU will be featured in the blog! SP

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