Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Telephone Rules for the OC Drivers need to know the "rules" that our telephone people use for taking reservations for the Outlet Shopping/Casino trip.
  1. We do take a Credit Card No. to reserve their spot.
  2. There is a 12 hour cancellation policy (like Mt. Rainier and Boeing Tour). If you are a no-show, your card will be charged.
  3. As our brochure states, we do have a 6 person minimum and if there are not 6 people on the tour WHEN WE ARE READY TO LEAVE TOWN we will not run the tour.
Let it Rain, .... During these first weeks of Jan. 2009 it is good to call at 7 AM and check to see the status of your tours. The first weeks after the holidays are traditionally a little slower. Safety First When you are out running tours pay particular attention to shady areas, bridges, etc for icy patches. Preservation Next Mark Weber has requested that at the conclusion of your tours during this frosty time, that you pull the wipers into the "up" position away from the window so that they don't 1. freeze to the window 2. Burn the motor out if they are frozen to the window and turned on Hunkerin Down Time For many of you this time of year will find you with extra time on your hands and looking to fill it with something. Why not do some research and find out new exciting and interesting things to help us stay hip and current as a company? Steve is passing the list around to find out what each of us thinks are vital and exciting topics and points of contemporary interest to our guests. Have you stayed current with what people are reading about us in the in-flight magazines or on the web, for instance? We look good anyway because we are all beautiful people, but we will look better if we get on the same page as our guests! You go guides!


Bryan said...

Thanks Dan. And Steve. Merry Christmas and stay warm and safe, everyone!

Heidi said...

This page is great. I am surprised to learn about the new tours and such. This is a great way of keeping us updated on the goings on at Seattle Tours. Thanks. And....Happy Holidays and Peace to all.

Geri Kraft said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at Seattle Tours. Those Elves are pretty cute and boy, they can dance. Snow bound in West Seattle, Cheers, Geri