Saturday, July 25, 2009

Truly Exceptional Service

We boast about exceptional service - door to door pickups, flexibility, information galore - in our Mission Statement but today we had a truly amazing example. And it was QUITE collaborative!

3:45 PMm, Saturday afternoon. Horrendous traffic throughout the area.

Jay was asked by his guest from the Silver Cloud if he knew where she could rent a wheelchair in town. He called the office. Nicole called several obvious candidates downtown but could not find anyone. I then TWITTERED the question and Ann Peavey (@SeattleMaven) at the Seattle Visitor's Center responded immediately to inform me about Access Medical Equipment. Nicole called them. They would be closing in 15 minutes, and not open again until Monday. AND they were north of Green Lake.

"No Problem!" we collectively thought.

Mark M. had just finished up another example of exceptional service by taking eight folks from the Westin up to Boeing to catch up with Andree's tour (he did this after shuttling his and another driver's guests from downtown to SeaTac after his 10 AM tour). He was on I-5 approaching Wallingford and swung over to 76th and Aurora to grab the wheelchair just as they were locking the door. He took it to Silver Cloud on Broadway; Jay charged the people at the Locks the cost of the rental.

We make it look too easy! Thank you to EVERYONE who was involved in this effort. You were generous, compassionate, energetic, and creative! Imagine the impression our company made on the guests (including others on Jay's tour), and the Silver Cloud Hotel staff.

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Great story!