Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things to Point Out during Pickups

When you are going to the Warwick or the Westin (down 4th) for a pick up, do you point out the Dahlia Bakery? Do you tell your guests that Tom Douglas is our most famous restaurateur with his 2008 Bon Appetit award and 2009-2010 James Beard nominations? Have you, yourself, stopped into the Dahlia Bakery for a breaktime goodie? (Dan and I have been known to eat an entire Olive Loaf during a MR shuttle shift.)

Here is a recent TDRBakery twitter stream. (hint hint: follow them and TomDouglasCo on Twitter.) Read it and salivate! AND be sure to point it out to some of our 30,000 tour guests!

Coming soon: a survey about the MUST-HAVE sandwich in town! Stella's Meatball? Bakeman's Turkey? Paseo's Pork? A Dahlia's Shrimp? Stay tuned, and get ready (ie. visit these places early and often so you can be an intelligent voter.)

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