Friday, July 30, 2010

The Tours Northwest Locker jersey program

Like Erastus Brainerd 103 years ago, we are promoters for all things Seattle and the Northwest! We crow about independent small coffee shops along with Starbucks; we point out Fran's and Theo as well as the hidden gem of Rosie's Chocolates in the Market. We love the new and small (Bad Monkey Bistro) as well as the experienced and fabled (Tom Douglas). We are hot on the leading edge of what is happening in South Lake Union (aka Allentown?) where Amazon is about to bring 10,000 employees/customers to the businesses in the area (the new Pearl District?).

And we will be touting the amazing story of Jake Locker, the UW Quarterback, as it unfolds this year. Jake is an underdog's underdog for the Heisman trophy. We will allude to him whenever we can on our tours to those people from across the country so they too will recognize his name, and pay attention to his exploits.

Each day a guide will be awarded the Locker jersey - No. 10 - to wear during his or her tours. It will be awarded for qualities that Jake undoubtedly has in spades as a Pac 10 quarterback and local boy made good: teamwork, flexibility, calmness under pressure, etc. WWJD?

Above is a picture of our Guide Gathering (at Bad Monkey Bistro) on July 29th. Dan Malmanger, the owner of Tours Northwest, is donning the purple jersey for this picture, but starting today there will be a new wearer each day. Stay tuned!


Teamstrannon said...

Neat story. I linked to it and twittered it out from my site!

Seattle Tours Management Team said...

Thank you, Teamstrannon. We're excited about promoting Jake, but also emulating his virtues. WWJD?

Anonymous said...

Great story and great program! I'ts nice to see all the wonderful people that support Jake and what he's all about.
I will pass this on to Jake and the family.
Pat Locker