Saturday, October 2, 2010

KUDOS to Tom Naabe

Tom recieved rave reviews several times in the past week. From the Carneys came this note on Sept. 30:

On Tuesday September 28th, we took your Mt. Rainier tour with your guide, Tom.

We can not praise him enough for the outstanding job he did taking care of us throughout the day and his expertise as a tour guide. We had a wonderful, fun day 0 mostly due to Tom. We even were lucky enough to see Mt. Rainier at least 3 different times during the day.

Tom, also gave us a great recommendation to a restaurant when we returned to the city.

Great job Tom! Great tour, Tours Northwest.
We will not hesitate to recommend your company to others.
Another day, Tom had a Boeing tour in the afternoon. At one point he had four guests, but three cancelled and he was asked to take one guest up on the tour. He did so without any protest.

Before he left, a competitor's bus broke down and the driver was befuddled about what to do about the situation. Tom called our office to discuss the situation; we contacted the other company to offer our help. Tom loaded 23 people up on his coach and brought them back to Seattle.

The interesting part of this story is that the following day one of the rescued guests called to compliment the "tour" Tom gave on the way back. This guest fully appreciated not only the extra effort we offered to our competitor, but the incredibly interesting and entertaining tour given by Tom to make everyone feel good about their trip despite the mechanical problems delaying their return. Tom dropped them off - as he would with any of our own guests - at several spots downtown.

That effort makes our company look great, and those 23 people will spread the word to friends as well as the concierge of their hotel.

Great work, Tom!

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