Sunday, October 3, 2010

Voices Northwest and Tours Northwest Harmonize!

Today, Kim Ludvikson and Steve Powell will be taking Voices Northwest, a Sweet Adeline chorus from Everett, on a unique tour of Seattle: they will be part of the show! At Waterfall Garden Park, Fisherman's Memorial, the downtown Library, Theo Chocolate (a quartet) and maybe the top of Kite Hill Voices Northwest will offer up a song and remind everyone within ear shot that the Sweet Adelines International Convention is only two weeks away. We'll try to mesh with the 10 AM tours so our other guests will get an even more entertaining tour today.

During that convention, we'll be offering a discount if anyone, or everyone, will sing at a public place of the guide's choosing.

Take a look at this picture. Think Kim and Steve will be having any fun today?

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