Monday, May 4, 2009

Follow the James Beard Foundations Awards!

The James Beard Foundation Food Awards is a two day affair in New York City. Seattle is well represented and we allude to these awards on our Famous Seattle tour. Last night, writer Rebekah Denn won and night its the chef's turn. Tom Douglas and Maria Hines are two of several Seattle chefs nominated.

A fun way to follow this is to use Twitter tonight around 4 PM. Search for "beardfoundation" and read the entries throughout the early evening. We twitter as a company also - "toursnorthwest" - as a way of spreading word about our company and sending immediate news out to our followers. It has resulted in some business!

Or go to the James Beard Foundation site to get longer updates. A Twitter tutorial: a hashtag is a keyword with a # in front of it. You can search for those in Twitter and get ALL tweets that include them. For example, try "#jbf"; don't do "beard" and expect to avoid lumberjacks, hormonally challenged women, in addition to the food awards.

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