Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tip of the Week: Finding Guests at the Westin

When picking up at the Westin, if you can't find the guest to the right of the concierge desk, make sure you check out front on 5th Ave. before you head back down the escalator to your coach. If they are self-booked, they may well assume that in front is where we pick up. (Telephone people do try to explain everything, but with busy phones, we might miss this key direction.)

I post these tips based on real events when I'm reminded of Good Practices. On a recent Mt. Rainier tour this occurred. The driver drove away; the guest called (thankfully); and the driver had to come back to the Westin (thankfully, he hadn't gotten on the freeway yet.) It obviously is in the driver's best interest to not have to do so. It is a team effort, and the Dispatcher will remind and urge the driver to check and double-check for guests before they leave.

Related to all of this is an observation that everyone is doing really well on CALLING IN THEIR NUMBERS 1. before they leave remote locations and 2. before they begin their tour. Thank you!

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