Sunday, May 16, 2010

Charters Galore!

We have had a number of wonderful charters this month. Jay and Liz took out the above Central Bank Classic club off the Sapphire Princess when they were in town on May 13th. They did a textbook example of staying together throughout the tour so these 41 people could schmooze all together at the stops.

The Smithsonian Student Travel program brings in high school age kids with parent chaperones for a whirlwind tour of Seattle. Bryan grabbed a group this week at 6 AM and improvised a tour in the early morning for their pleasure.

Kevin and Jean Marc combined to delight a French Tahiti group. Kevin provided a visual rich front end of the tour, while we scrambled to get Jean Marc in so that this french-speaking group could interact with the guide and learn even more. They appreciated both of their efforts and were impressed by the flexibility and clever adaptation of our company to their needs. Muy Bien, Jean Marc and Kevin! (joke!)

Mark D. and Loren provided a Missouri group a Boeing/Winetasting tour one day and a Mt. Rainier the next.(Note to self: Mark D. discovered that a stop at Country Village just off I-405 in Bothell met the group's need for lunch between Boeing and Woodenville.)

These charters are a great way to stretch and challenge us as a company and as drivers. We offer customization options to each group, and it has been very impressive how our drivers step up and WOW
the groups with deviations from our usual tours to fit their needs. Mark M. was a master of improv ten days ago with a group from Romania who wanted a city tour, a Boeing tour, several meal stops during a 13 hour day. Mark always approaches these as pleasant, intriguing challenges and he models excellent ATTITUDE before, during and after these stints.

We do have an extraordinary opportunity to interact with guests from around the world; the groups and individuals in the groups of charters offer a unique chance to bring out our best; and everyone who has run charters this month have exemplified why we are at the top in the tourism business in the Northwest.

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