Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fantastic Customer Reviews for our Boeing Tour!

Chris was on Daniel's Boeing Tour this morning and gush about how good the tour and guide were. I, of course, pulled out my Flip Video on the shuttle back to the south end and saved it for posterity. She and another guest were dropped off at the Museum of Flight, and you should keep this in mind for those flight enthusiasts who can't get enough.

To drop off at the Flight Museum pull into the entry driveway at the south end of the complex and go to the back side of the museum. Go around the parking lot counter clockwise and pull up to the curb just a few feet away from the entry way. Inform the guests that a No. 124 bus runs regularly out front to Seattle, or across the street, to Sea Tac.

Here's another review from the same trip. This gentleman was a commercial pilot from Taiwan.

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