Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ad Hoc Marketing

We had several great examples this week of ad hoc Marketing by guides while doing their pickups for tours at hotels. If you are appropriately conspicuous in the lobby, people will approach you and ask you about tours offered. Terry Jennings talked to two such groups at the Holiday Inn Express on Tuesday while he waited for his guests for the 10 AM tour; both groups called soon thereafter and made reservations on the afternoon tours.

Here's how you can enhance such encounters:

1. Wear the new Tours Northwest color! The cotton shirts have become a big hit among the guides (see Boy Toys below) and they do work for the purpose designed: they make you stand out so people can find you. Flaunt it. Mention it to the concierge. Point to the logo. Tell people to look for us all over town. We want this shirt to be a. noticable b. approachable and c. a brand of excellence. Do you have enough? (Only $10 for another) Returning school bus drivers ... make a special trip to say Hi and pick up your shirt(s).

2. Use your business cards. Pass these out to everyone and anyone. This is your opportunity to make a name for yourself, as well as the company. Urge guests to show it when they go to restaurants and stores. Elliott Bay Caf (ebc) will give guests a free cup of coffee when they have lunch if they show the card. Steelhead Diner and Elliott's will bring a free appetizer to their table. You won't always have brochures with you, but you should always have your business cards. Encourage guests to call us even if they just have a question about the city during their stay. GRATITUDE generates alot of business.

3. Take several brochures into hotels with you when you go to pick up guests. Be appropriately conspicuous, hold up the brochures (trying to find a "match" among the masses) and offer anyone a brochure if they appear at all interested. Emphasize our door to door service, large windows, several different tours, daily consistency and (obvious by your on-time presence) TIMELINESS!

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