Thursday, June 18, 2009

The State of Fremont

Fremont will be celebrating the Solstice this weekend, so we will make the following modifications to our tours:

1. Famous Tour. Theo Chocolate is closed on Sat. and Sun. Therefore: After the Sleepless floating home, do not go into Fremont, just continue to the Sea Star. We will be providing guides with Theo Chocolate bars that you can give to your guests with an explanation of the company whenever you see fit.

2. 3 Hr. Premier City Tour. To avoid the heavy traffic and potential conflict with the parade on Sat. avoid Fremont. Go up to the 45th Ave. exit off of Aurora Ave. and take a left at the light. If you are running early, consider stopping at the Rose Garden at the Woodland Park zoo; otherwise just continue west to 15th Ave. W. in Ballard, go left to the Ballard Bridge, Fisherman's terminal and the Locks.

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