Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stopping at the Troll ... and other places

Several questions came up over the past two weeks about rules/etiquette/habits of "how we should park" at various locations. The correct answer is relative to the busy-ness of the day. Here are the thoughts of the management team:

1. At the Troll. You should not let your guests off when it is busy with pedestrians, traffic or when you may be ahead of another of our coaches on a tour. The problem is one of delay and holding up other vehicles. Guests are understanding of "No Parking/Busy Traffic" explanations.

You can let people take photos out the open door, and you can even let them out if its a quiet day and no other vehicles are competing for the space (and, of course, you are on time.)

2. At Pioneer Square. You should move ahead as far as possible. It is allowable to drop people off or pick them up mid-block UNLESS you are impeding vehicles behind you ... in that case, move ahead!

3. West Seattle overview. Move ahead if there is one of our vehicles behind you in the tour. If not, then you can park at the good viewpoint.


All of these situations can involve several of our buses, and/or other tour companies (or shuttles), and/or members of the public. You can engage, communicate, inform or nudge. You should NOT berate, provoke, harass, confront or advocate in the extreme. Be polite and diplomatic. Deflect jerks and show your guests that you are calm, cool and collected. If you have a continuing issue with another company, report it to us and we will handle it if we see fit.

As Patrick Swayze explained in Roadhouse: Be Nice.

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