Monday, June 8, 2009

PC Luggage Bonus

Effective May 1st, we will be paying a $5 bonus for each fully paid Pre- and Post- Cruise guest you have on your tour. This is to compensate you for luggage handling, but, of course, there are many variations of how things work out in the PC world. Here are the basic rules.

1. The bonus is for the driver of the tour if he/she handles luggage during pickup of the guests and/or drop off of the guests. If they only minimally handle the luggage, then the bonus will go to another.

2. If a shuttle driver picks up the guests and keeps the luggage and drops the guests off with the luggage, they will be entitled to the bonus.

3. A shuttle driver who helps pick up the guests or helps drop off the guests is not entitled to the bonus. This, of course, should in no way affect their attitude or willingness to provide necessary assistance.

The calculations are made from a combination of the accounting sheets and notations on the tour spreadsheets (re shuttle help, etc.) Except for obvious and egregious errors, please accept our judgment and do not nitpick about the fairness of each variation on the PC theme. Bonuses will not be "split" by us; that is an option for guides, but helpers should in no way expect it or suggest it. This is a true fairness "bonus" to compensate for the extra labor needed on the PC tours; we will apply it in that spirit, and we hope you appreciate this change in policy.

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