Monday, June 8, 2009

Facts for the Week

1. Mt. Rainier: 14,410 feet high. We all know that! Are you able to tell your international guests that it is 4392 meters high?

2. Did you watch the first night of NBC's coverage of the Obama White House. Did you catch the gifts they give visitors? Fran's Chocolates! If your routing takes you by First and Union, crow about Fran's fame as the Obama's favorite chocolates (apparently, salted carmel). Also, encourage people to visit there to see the 5 by 7 portrait of Fran's granddaughter on the north wall; its a pointillist, made up of truffles.

3. Where did Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain eat (and drink) after their appearance at the Paramount on May 30th? Cafe Presse! (If you have foodies on your Famous Seattle tour, point that out! It's known for its cheap great food and super hours: 7 AM to 2 AM.)

4. One hundred and twenty years ago this week, on June 6, 1889 a Seattle cabinetmaker accidentally overheated a pot of glue and ignited his shop at 1st Avenue and Madison Street. Fanned by a hot, dry breeze, the flames quickly spread through the wood-framed downtown. Volunteers struggled to douse them, but the town's privately owned water system delivered only a trickle. By that night, 64 acres of central Seattle had been reduced to rubble.

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