Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Best Practices ... overheard

Mark McCormick explained the other day how he avoids those awkward moments at payment time at the Locks regarding tour prices. "I was told by the concierge it was $43.") During his standup he simply adds a line about the cost of the tour. If someone then bawks, it can be addressed and choices made. Old Brochure? Sorry, we have new brochures and prices as of May 1st.

It is also yet another habit to have so that we insure that people do not get on the wrong tour (never a good thing, though, Liz pulled it off fabulously once on MR!) Failsafe habits (like counting heads before leaving remote areas or starting your tour) work! It is (and has been several times this year) a thing of beauty when a horrendous potential problem is solved before it even occurs with a simple, conspicuous HEAD COUNT.

"Dispatch, I'm ready to start my tour with 17 wonderful guests." "Ok, have fun (without the stress of missing someone you should have picked up.)"

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